ichamba™ Story

The idea for ichamba, a blue collar internet job portal, was born out of founder, Lea Wolf-Soffer's need to easily find and hire qualified and affordable help for her household.

When searching for that help, it became apparent that most internet job sites catered to the professional white collar market leaving the blue collar market generally underserved. Ms. Wolf-Soffer did not want to keep pestering her friends for referrals, pay high agency finder fees, or post jobs in the classifieds and wait for a week or two for the hiring cycle to be completed. She found sorting out the qualified workers from the unqualified along with the haphazard nature of the process frustrating.

She also began to wonder how people, like herself, who needed high quality, affordable, blue collar help, could tap easily and efficiently into that talented, specialized labor pool, online.

Strongly driven by a passion for creative and pragmatic problem-solving through the use of information technology, Ms. Wolf-Soffer matched her need to a technology-based solution: iclique-in technology which built the first portal of ichamba.com

An Internet Job Portal with Text Invites

Ichamba was created by using iclique-in technology platform to service this large available labor pool. It's an internet job portal seamlessly connecting blue collar applicants and specialized providers to employers using the web and text messaging (TextVite™).

Employers can search through a detailed worker e-profile (a resume or employment experience profile) that includes references, skills, experience, languages spoken and more. Workers can be invited and can apply to jobs via bi-lingual text messages.

Easy Employer Search

To make it easy for employers to vet profiles, ichamba enables a robust filtering search with over 18 fields to select from. This greatly increases the chance of precisely matching employers to qualified workers and providers. Only matched workers can be invited to job interviews, which saves everyone time and money.

The ichamba Difference

In addition to creating a qualified and specialized labor pool database, ichamba is changing the landscape of internet job boards by:

  • Allowing only qualified workers and providers to be invited to job interviews

  • Serving as the only website with blue collar labor pool listings, a seamless integration of web to text messaging and the ability to invite to and apply for jobs by text.

  • Smoothly integrating bi-lingual capabilities that enable Hispanic workers and service providers to communicate directly with both Hispanic and non-Hispanic households, matching those seeking workers with those looking for work.

"Because ichamba operates in both English and Spanish it is able to eliminate much of the miscommunication and difficulty that Hispanic workers and service providers encounter when dealing with non-Hispanic households and employers." Lea Wolf-Soffer, Founder.

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