Alex Stolarski - Biography

As an accomplished business developer and trusted company advisor, for ichamba, Alex Stolarski will be forging strong, fruitful relationships and performing business development activities with large employers in the hospitality, construction and real estate management sectors.

In addition, Mr. Stolarski was the driving force in directing the building of the ichamba kiosks which is where workers come to register their information and write resumes. He worked on kiosk locations, with architects to design them, with construction companies to build them and made sure they were properly equipped.

He is also the founder and currently the CEO of the Rishon Companies, a multifamily development property management firm.

When he started Rishon in 1985, one of their major ventures was to redevelop and reposition several thousand apartment units in Texas, many of which Rishon still manages. Expanding on that base, Rishon successful added construction and building rehabilitation operations to their portfolio.

(Rishon is an operating partner of Pacific Equity Partners, a group that is developing a series of apartment complexes in California as well as acting as the Development Director for ichamba, an innovative, new jobs portal.)

Prior to founding Rishon Companies, Mr. Stolarski lived in Mexico City where he worked in:

  • Marketing for Procter and Gamble
  • Strategic planning for DuPont
  • International consulting for McKinsey & Co

In addition, Mr. Stolarski was the CEO of Argos Electric, a manufacturer of cable and wire where he tripled production and sales in just three years.

He holds a B. S. in Engineering and an MBA, both from the University of California at Berkeley. Alex is married with two children and resides in La Jolla California.

Mr. Stolarski’s education and extensive business experience has instilled him with an expansive, insightful, knowledgeable business acumen which he is using to assist ichamba in achieving success.

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