iChamba™ Logo History

Wonder about our NAME and TAG LINE?

iChamba, what is it? is Spanish slang for "Got Work?"
The word chamba means "work" or "job" in English.
The letter i is a play on words for hay
(pronounced / ï / and meaning "got" in English)
and the abbreviation i representing "internet-based"
or "interactively online."

Linking Resources with Opportunity, what do we mean?
iChamba web services portal offers solutions to four distinct groups households, job seekers, independent servcie providers and contractors, and business employers.
Resources are the job seekers, independent service providers and businesses who are offering their specialities & services. Opportunity are the jobs and projects offered by households, business employers, and service providers.

Puzzled about the iChamba LOGO?

Here's a breakdown of the four colorful puzzle pieces
and how they represent our four targeted groups:

Red signifies households looking for the flexibility to hire
directly workers, service providers, and businesses.
Green indicates independent providers and contractors who are looking for more customers (both employers and households) and hire workers when needed.
Yellow denotes business employers who are looking to connect directly
to job seekers, independent and business providers, and households needing services.
Purple corresponds to job seekers who want more employment opportunities
through connections to employers (both households and businesses.)

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