The ichamba Solution

The ichamba Solution

ichamba is a real time jobs portal focused on solving the inefficiencies of the blue collar labor. It is effectively enables:

  • Businesses and households to directly connect with workers, independent contractors, and service providers

  • Workers to post a profile highlighting their skills that allow them to be matched to jobs

  • An exceptional all-in-one solution addressing the specific needs of homes and businesses

The job seeker and job poster directly connect and communicate via bi-lingual text messages.

A Disorganized Blue Collar Job Market

ichamba's business centers around one of the most inefficient of all job markets-the blue collar worker or service provider. The disconnected market may be attributed to many factors including:

  • Lack of profile listings of blue collar labor and providers

  • Limited computer skills or usage of computer among manual labor

  • Cultural and language barriers

  • Intervention of staffing and employment agencies

ichamba addresses these issues and more by using sophisticated technology.

ichamba Engages and Connects the Blue Collar Market

Information in ichamba's databases is comprehensive and structurally organized to match the specific requirements of employer and job-seeker or buyers and sellers of services. It enables direct contact, thus eliminating the use of middlemen. It also helps reduce costs while improving the communication efficiency between parties.

In addition to ease-of-use and quick searches, ichamba is the only multilingual solution addressing the language and cultural gaps of different ethnic communities. ichamba is initially targeting the sizeable Hispanic community, given its heavy participation in blue-collar labor and service occupations. Spanish customer support personnel are available to assist online.

A Brand New World of Opportunities

ichamba opens a world of opportunity to workers and service providers, providing them with significant exposure to households and businesses needing their help. For businesses and households, ichamba offers a convenient way to find and hire by efficiently searching through a sizable labor force.

"ichamba enhances quality-of-life of everyone. For the workers it provides visibility, credibility and instant flow of more job opportunities. Business and households can tap into temp or hourly workforce as they need it to operate flawlessly and eliminate unnecessary stress. It increases the quality of life of everyone!" Lea Wolf-Soffer, Founder.

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